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 * [[Services/Duplicati|Duplicati]] - Backup solution for MS Windows mobile device users  * [[Services/Duplicati|Duplicati]] - Backup solution for personal backups on self-managed devices


Services available at D-ITET

Data Access

  • StorageOverview - Overview of our storages (with intended usage info, backup (yes/no), etc.)

  • FindYourData - Get an overview of all your data shares

  • ProjectData - Data Sharing

  • NetScratch - Temporarily store reproducible data on a large storage space

Batch Computing Systems

  • Condor - Linux clients batch qeueing system

  • SLURM - SLURM batch qeueing system

  • Cronjob - Cron-Scripting on Cron-Box

Data Archiving

  • DataArchiving - Archiving on Lagoon, the department's central archiving system

  • LTSArchiving - Long Time Archiving on ID's LTS infrastructure

  • Duplicati - Backup solution for personal backups on self-managed devices

Miscellaneous Systems

  • VersionControlSystems - Using a version controlling directory accessible by your whole team

  • RDS - Work from anywhere in a Microsoft Windows Environment

  • Chat - Chat servers for staff and students

Central applications and information services

Other ETH-wide services

External services


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