Welcome at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering!

Please read the text below carefully as we try to give you a condensed overview about the dos and don'ts while using our infrastructure!

We try to leave you as much freedom in using the EE infrastructure as possible. In this we assume that you consider the following rules:

[1] The german and english links to the ETH wide BOT can be found under https://computing.ee.ethz.ch/Workstations/UsagePolicy
[2] http://dz.ee.ethz.ch/regulations/index.en.html

Beside these rules there are some other links we encourage you to follow:

[3] https://computing.ee.ethz.ch/Workstations/UsagePolicy
[4] https://computing.ee.ethz.ch/

If you have any questions regarding these rules or other topics related to the computers at the D-ITET, please contact us at support(at)ee.ethz.ch.

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