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Planned ISG.EE Mailsystem downtime because of IMAP server platform switch

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2022-07-16 11:00
The update of our IMAP server to a new platform has completed successfully. The Mailsystem is available again.
2022-07-16 07:00
Update of our IMAP server to a new platform has started. Therefore the mail system will not be available for our customers.
2022-07-16 07:00
On 2022-07-16 between 07:00 and 12:00 ISG is going to migrate the IMAP Server to another system. During the migration there will be no access to the E-Mails for the following Domains:

NetScratch Server Filesystem Maintenance

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2022-07-10 10:55

Fileysstem for NetScratch is online and in read-write mode.

2022-07-10 09:30
First run of checks are completed and we are proceeding with the next steps to put the filesystem again online.
2022-07-09 13:00

The NetScratch filesystem will be put into read-only mode for maintenance.

Unreachable Email recipients over ID Exchange Mailserver

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2022-06-16 16:45
Configuration issue has been resolved.
2022-06-16 15:00
Emails with recipients sent over the ID Exchange Server do not reach destination. ID Exchange Admins are working on fixing the problem.

HOME Server maintenance to repair fileystem inconsistence

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2021-11-01 06:30
System back online and HOME directories are again accessible for all D-ITET user
2021-11-01 05:50
HOME Server will be put offline to start a repair of a filesystem inconsistence

Linux printing affected by PrintNightmare vulnerability patch

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2021-07-05 13:00
ID resolved the issue
2021-07-05 09:41

Workaround: Use platform-independent printing

2021-07-05 09:41
Authentification for printing fails. Ticket at ID servicedesk opened.

Downtime various D-ITET services for server maintenance

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2021-04-27 08:30
Condor is back online, all services restored.
2021-04-27 08:15
Matrix/Element Chat services back online.
2021-04-27 08:00
Database upgrade done and online.
2021-04-27 07:30
Slurm services are back online.
2021-04-27 07:00
Base system has been upgraded, main database services in progress of upgrade.
2021-04-27 06:00
On 2021-04-27 between 06:00 and 08:30 ISG is going to update a server providing access to various D-ITET services. During the migration the following services will be affected and offline:
  • Matrix/Element Chat services (the instances will be unavailable)
  • IFA/Control Website: Access to the IFA database is blocked
  • Slurm (D-ITET Arton Cluster): It won't be possible to submit new jobs or view Slurm statistics. Already running jobs will not be affected.
  • Condor: Condor clients will be shut down the evening before to avoid running jobs during the migration.

Network disruption affecting several ISG.EE services

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2021-03-31 09:30

The configuration error was found. The configuration change will be deployed on 2021-04-01 around 06:15 and a short network of about 1min is expected.

2021-03-31 08:00
ID Networking team has rolled-back a deployed configuration, pending further investigation/analysis.
2021-03-31 07:30

There are currently disruption affecting a VPZ with servers managed by ISG.EE. Networking team of ID is investigating the issue. There are several ISG.EE services affected/malfunctioning due to this in particluar the FindYourData service. downtime for server upgrade

Status: Status/green.gif

2021-03-11 06:30
Upgrade completed and service is up and running again.
2021-03-11 06:00
The server servicing will be upgraded to a new OS version (Debian buster). During the time of the update logins might not be possible.

Planned project/ archive storage downtime and client reboot

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-07-11 12:00
Migration has been completed, all services are back to operational state.
2020-07-11 08:00
Migration started, services are shutdown
2020-07-11 8:00-12:00
Start of planned maintenance work. Project/ archive storage services (known under the names "ocean", "bluebay", "lagoon" and "benderstor") will not be available. ISG-managed Linux clients will be rebooted. downtime for server upgrade

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-06-04 07:05
Webservices for managing SVN repositories are enabled.
2020-06-04 06:15

Systemupgrade is done and access to the SVN repositories via the svn and https transport protocols are back online.

2020-06-04 06:00
The server servicing the SVN repositories will be upgraded to a new operating system version. During this timeframe outages for access to the SVN repositories are expected.

European HPC cluster abuse

Status: Status/green.gif
Recently European HPC clusters have been attacked and abused for mining purposes. The D-ITET Slurm and SGE clusters have not been compromised. We are monitoring the situation closely.

2020-05 17 08:30
No successful login from known attacker IP addresses could be determined, none of the files indicating being compromised have been found on our file systems
2020-05-16 14:30
No unusal cluster job activity was observed

D-ITET Netscratch downtime for server upgrade

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-05-04 06:00
Server upgrade has been completed.
2020-05-04 06:00
The server servicing the D-ITET Netscratch service will be upgraded to a new operating system version. During this timeframe outages for the NFS service will be expected.

Network outage ETx router

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-04-07 05:30

There was an issue on the Router rou-etx. ID networking team trackled and solved the issue. There was about a 10min interuption for the ETx networking zone affecting almost all ISG.EE maintained systems. Reboot for maintenance

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-04-06 05:35

System behind has been rebootet for maintenance and increase available resources.

See the information on access D-ITET resources remotely. To distribute better the load user are encouraged to use the VPN service whenever possible.

itet-stor (FindYourData) Server maintenance: Reconfiguration of VM parameters

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2020-02-18 19:03
System again up and running.
2020-02-18 19:00

Scheduled downtime for the itet-stor/FindYourData service due to maintenance work on the underlying server.

itet-stor (FindYourData) Server migration: New operating system version

Status: Status/green.gif

2020-01-20 07:15

OS upgrade done, there were short interruptions to the itet-stor/FindYourData service.

2020-01-20 06:00

We will update the server servicing the FindYourData service from Debian jessie 8 to Debian stretch 9. There will be short downtimes accessing this service during the update.

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