Telephone Manual

This page is a manual to simplify the handling of your telephone.


Here can you see the basic functions of the telephone, that are often used. To open the basic menu, press one of the two arrow keys.

"Feste Anrufumleitung"

To setup a bypass, follow these steps:

  1. Goto "Service Menü" --> "Ziele" --> "Umleitung" --> "Feste Umleitung".

  2. Enter the destination-number.
  3. To activate or deactivate the bypass press the Button "Anruf umleiten" on your telephone.

"Anruf weitergeben"

During a call you can pass it on to another extension by executing following steps:

  1. During the call, press "Rückfrage".
  2. Enter the number you want to connect with. Now you can speak to this person.
  3. As soon as you have rung off, the call is passed on to the third party.


To set up quick dialing for a number, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Goto "Service Menü" --> "Ziele" --> "Kurzrufnummer".

  2. There you have to choose a shortcut between 1 to 9.
  3. If the chosen shortcut happens to be free, you can enter the number. Otherwise you will have to replace the number.
  4. To use quick dialing you have to enter "*1<shortcut>". Example: "*13". Where 3 is the number of the shortcut.


To set up the button functions, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Goto "Service Menü" --> "Tastenbelgung".

  2. Now you can choose the button you want to configure.
  3. You can choose between the functions and then you can confirm with th
  4. To use quick dialing you have to enter "*1<shortcut>". Example: "*13". Where 3 is the number of the shortcut.

Voice Mailbox

To adjust your voice mail box, you will have to have activated your voice mail service beforehand. If it isn't activated, you have to request a voice mail box here:

If you already have the service set up, follow these steps to adjust you personal voice mail box.

If these steps don't cover your requirements, there is a precise description here:

Step 1: Logging into the client assistant and changing passwords

At first, you have to log into the client assistant. You will need to use your NETHZ Login name. The initial password is xpressions. Immediately after you've logged in, you have to change your password at the top of the site. Additionally you have to change your telephone password, to open your inbox messages. You can do this in the Voice Mail System settings. Your default password is 12345 and the new one has to have at least 5 digits also.

Step 2: Create a new recording

To create a new recording, you have to go to the menu Recordings.


Enter the number of the telephone you want to record the greeting for.

Please be sure to use the international telephone number format! (e.g 41446320909).

Rrring Rrring... Your phone is ringing.

Now you can use your phone as a microphone. Use the following interface to tape your greeting. When you have finished your recording, click exit. No fear, now you can choose between saving and deleting the message.

Step 3: Use the recordings

To use the recorded greetings, you have to use the timesheet. Here you can choose for which event you want to play which greeting.


Step 4: Use the mailbox

To use the mailbox, you have to configure a "Feste Anrufumleitung" like it is described upstairs. You have to insert the number 29990.


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