D-ITET Chat servers

The Element Web frontend to the D-ITET Matrix chat service is available here:

The server is in a so-called federation with other ETH chat servers which enables users with accounts on individual servers to chat with users on other servers.

Notice on service availability

This is a paid service available to D-ITET institutes by yearly subscription from request.
The ETH ID Matrix service is an ETH-wide alternative


The ITET chat servers provide a service for real-time exchange of text-based information (instant messaging).

The nature of this information is:

For information exchange of a different kind please use more suitable services like email, mailing lists, personal websites or polybox.


Accessing the chat platform

Browser-based access

Desktop clients (Chat software)

Other clients

Data protection and extensibility

Chat rooms

Usage policy and code of conduct

Summarized, the following rules apply for use of this service:

Detailled information about ETH wide rules applying to this service can be found here:

Behave like being physically in a room with other people

Communicate in English, it is the common spoken and written language used in the multi-cultural environment at ETH.

Introduce yourself when entering a room. This is considered polite. It signals you want to participate in the conversation of the room as opposed to staying in the background observing others.

Show yourself

Use your first and given name as display name. This service is not anonymous, a chat members username is visible to everybody. Other chat members can identify you easier by your full name.

Stick to the topic

Join a room matching the topic of your information or question. If the topic of a conversation changes, relocate to an appropriate room or create one if it doesn't exist. If the conversation evolves into a dialog, open a chat only with your partner.

Do not waste resources

Do not send high volume content like movies or large images. Instead, place your content on a suitable service and provide a link to it. This saves space on our server and makes it easier for everybody to focus on the relevant content on this service.

Use according to purpose

Use this service for what is outlined under its purpose only. While it can do more, those features are not supported or maintained at the moment.

Best practice

Read recommendations on how to use this service on the Best Practice page.

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