Overview of your storage locations

The itetstor service provides a list of links to all storage locations you have access to. This list is invidivual for each user, it is updated once a day. If a link appears in this list you have at least read access to the contents of the linked directory.

This list typically contains links to

The availability of links may be differ depending fom which operating system or rather through which file sharing mechanism itetstor is accessed.

Access itetstor on Windows

Using a managed Windows client

On a managed Windows client itetstor is mapped to drive S:.
If for some reason drive S: isn't available:

Also see the detailled article about mapped drives.

Using a self-managed Windows client

See the detailled instructions for self-managed windows clients.

Access itetstor on Linux

Using a managed Linux client

On a managed Linux client itetstor is mapped to /itet-stor. Your personal directory is mounted there on demand, access it by

Some storage locations allow read access to a wide circle and write access only to a small group. If you're a member of such a group, use the access method described for self-managed Linux clients below.

Using a self-managed Linux client

See the detailled instructions for self-managed Linux clients.

Access itetstor on macOS

/!\ Important: Changing file permissions with chmod on content of a share mounted via Samba does not work. For an explanation see the page Weirdness of macOS mounting Linux Samba share from our colleagues at D-PHYS. Changing permissions works well while connected to your account through ssh.

Quota of storage locations

Quota used and available for storage locations shown in itetstor are tracked in QuotaView.

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