LTS Archive

LTS (Long Term Storage) is a data archive service hosted by the central IT services of ETHZ (Informatikdienste, ID). More information about the LTS service can be found on here. Basically, LTS works like a WORM file system, i.e "Write Once Read Many". As a consequence, you may not alter (modify, delete, move, rename and so on) your archived files once that have been sucessfully transferred and stored on the LTS.

LTS is accessible via both NFS and CIFS (SMB) protocols. Note that both protocol backends on the LTS (NFS/ CIFS) are autonomous devices. This means that one might use either NFS or CIFS to access LTS data (but not both of them).


The LTS archive system is intended as a final storage for thesis, projects and other invariant data. It is not a backup system.


Although the LTS archive is hosted by ID, access to it is granted by ISG.EE only! Due to its design as a long term storage, access is provided to nonpersonal accounts only. In practice, each laboratory or group is entitled to request a special LTS account. The account's credentials are hold by the person in charge, e.g. professor, group leader or local IT-administrator. In some exceptional cases, access is also granted to a project account.

For any questions concerning the LTS archive, write an email to


The usage of LTS causes some strict requirements and limitations:

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