Legitimated Users with access to the Netcenter AND the TelKom-Wizard can configure different aspects of a telephone:

/!\ If you do not have access to the netcenter but need some of the above adjustments, please contact your institutes secretary or your institute coordinator for these changes and updates. /!\


The Telephone Wizard

The Telephone Wizard is (even if only available in German) self explaining and easy to understand because it was designed as a guided wizard. Therefore we only show a brief overview.

Starting the Wizard

When you connect to the wizard you should see the screen below.

  1. Is the default selected overview window which shows any current open tasks.
  2. Can be used to create a new order.
  3. These buttons can be used to overview your orders only or the order of your NetSup Group.

  4. Here you would see all open order (None in this screenshot).

Placing a new order

When you click the + Neuer Auftrag Button you will be first asked if you need a confirmation email and then you can click the + Neuer Job Button to create the new request. The following Options are available:

  1. Neuanschluss - Install a new phone

  2. Umzug - Move an existing phone to another location

  3. Demontage des Apparates (RufNr. löschen) - Disassemble the phone and delete the number

  4. RufNr. Eingenschaften ändern - Change properties of the call number (e.g. the displayed name, the calling range etc.)

The order you place will be processes as soon as possible or at the given date. Depending on the setting you choose for the confirmation mail you will (or will not) informed about the current process.


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