Project Neptun


The goal of Project Neptun is to provide students and employees of ETH Zurich with a robust, durable and affordable working tool in form of a laptop to help them in their studies wherever they may be at ETH at any time.


All laptops on offer are thoroughly tested and come with a 3 year warranty. Brands include HP, Lenovo and Apple.

Sales Periods

In Spring and Autumn, the Neptun web shop is open for sales. Project Neptun does not sell laptops throughout the year! If you miss a sales period, you will have to wait until the next one opens.

In addition to the web shop, there are demo booths in the ETH main building during the sales periods.

Warranty and Support

All Neptun laptops come with a 3 year warranty. In case of hardware defects, you will have to contact the manufacturer yourself.

If you require other support (configuration, installation of software etc.), contact your local ISG who will be glad to provide limited help. They might also be able to confirm suspected hardware failures before you send your laptop to the manufacturer.

More Information

More information is provided on the Project Neptun website:

You will find the dates of future sales periods, the models on offer and instructions on how/where to contact a manufacturer and more.

The Neptun forum at also constitutes a platform where you can exchange experiences and ideas with other Neptun users.


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