Windows Network Drive

You can access your home and project directories by mounting \\\username as a network drive in Windows. In this example, we will make \\\pmuster available under the drive letter S.

If you do this from outside ETH, you need to establish a VPN connection first.

Click the computer icon ("This PC") on the Windows desktop, then click the 'Map network drive' button from the upper ribbon bar of the opened folder window: netdrive01.png

In the dialog box that appears, choose the drive letter you want to use for this mapping: netdrive02.png

The URI to your folder is \\\YOUR-USERNAME. In this example we have chosen pmuster as the username. Replace pmuster with your own ETH username (login name). Activate the checkbox "Connect using different credentials" and, if you desire it, set "Reconnect at sign-in" to make the network drive mapping persistent between computer reboots. Then click the "Finish" button.

A new dialog box opens to enter a password (do not yet enter the password there). Instead of entering a password, click "More choices":


Then click "Use a different account" (1). The window looks now as follows:


Fill in the username and password fields (2). As username, enter d\YOUR-USERNAME, and as password, use your ETH password. When done, click the OK button. You can now access your personal itet-stor share in Windows Explorer under the previously chosen drive letter (S: in this example).

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