Overview of Mapped Drives

Per default, two drives are mapped:

Your Home Directory at D-ITET (H:)

This is where you should save your data. Your Windows user profile is also stored on this home directory. A scheduled backup job saves this data every night.

Find Your Data (S:)

An overview lists all network shares of D-ITET on which you have at least read permissions.

Mapping your home directory provided by ID

If you are a student and use a ISG.EE managed Windows workstation, your home directory will be provided by us. If you still want/need to access the home directory you used at Hauptgebäude, you can map it yourself.

Mapping via Windows Explorer

Windows File explorer that shows you where to click to add a new network drive.


Mapping via the command line

For mapping the drive via the command line, open the cmd.

Type the following command:

net use * \\d.ethz.ch\dfs\users\<initial_of_your_username>\<your_username> /persistent:yes

This will do the following:


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