Mapped drives

Overview of Mapped Drives

Per default, two drives are mapped:

Your Home Directory at D-ITET (H:)

This is where you should save your data. Your Windows user profile is also stored on this home directory. A scheduled backup job saves this data every night.

Find Your Data (S:)

An overview lists all network shares of D-ITET on which you have at least read permissions.

Mapping your home directory provided by ID

If you are a student and use a ISG.EE managed Windows workstation, your home directory will be provided by us. If you still want/need to access the home directory you used at Hauptgebäude, you can map it yourself.

Mapping via Windows Explorer

Mapping via the command line

For mapping the drive via the command line, open the cmd.

Type the following command:

net use * \\\dfs\users\<initial_of_your_username>\<your_username> /persistent:yes

This will do the following:


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