To use your computer within the ETH network or to use wireless LAN you have to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection first.

On this page you can find instructions how to use this service at ETH.

Mac OS X 10.x

To use VPN on Mac OS X 10.x, you don't need any special software (e.g. Cisco VPN Client). Follow the instructions on the following page to set up your VPN connection: VPN on Mac OS X 10.x.

Windows clients

The required software "VPN 5.x" (Cisco AnyConnect) can be downloaded from https://ides.ethz.ch

Windows 7 - Detailed Instructions

Use this illustrated guide for obtaining and installing the required software if you are unsure:

VPN on Windows 7

Self-managed Linux Workstations

Clients running Gnome

See Workstations/Linux/VpnConnectNmGnome.

Clients running KDE

See Workstations/Linux/VpnConnectNmKde4.


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