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On [[https://www1.ethz.ch/id/services/list/network/vpn/index_EN|this page]] you can find instructions how to use this service. On [[https://ethz.ch/services/en/it-services/katalog/netzwerke-verbindungen/remote.html|this page]] you can find instructions how to use this service.
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Follow the procedures outlined on this page:



To use your computer within the ETH network or to use wireless LAN you have to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection first.

On this page you can find instructions how to use this service.

If you need more informations to VPN on the ETHZ you can write a mail to support@ee.ethz.ch or see the pages of the IT services. There you can also find informations for your n.ethz account.

Mac OS X 10.x

To use VPN on Mac OS X 10.x, you don't need any special software (e.g. Cisco VPN Client). Follow the instructions on the following page to set up your VPN connection: VPN on Mac OS X 10.x.

Windows clients

The required software "VPN 5.x" (Cisco AnyConnect) can be downloaded from https://ides.ethz.ch

Windows 7 - Detailed Instructions

Use this illustrated guide for obtaining and installing the required software if you are unsure:

VPN on Windows 7

Self-managed Linux Workstations

Clients running Gnome

See Workstations/Linux/VpnConnectNmGnome.

Clients running KDE

See Workstations/Linux/VpnConnectNmKde4.


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