Set Up a VPN Connection to the ETH using Network-Manager in KDE

This illustrated guide explain how to connect to configure and start a VPN tunnel to the VPN-gateway of ETHZ using Network-Manager in KDE.

Enter Configuration Menu

To set up a new VPN connection in KDE right click on the Network-Manager applet, and select Network Management Settings


In the new window, switch to the tab "VPN". Click on Add... to add a new VPN connection.


If "vpnc" is not listed, you will have to install another package. Read on below...

Installing required packages

In the shell, run the following command:  sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-kde 


This will install the missing "vpnc" option in the VPN menu

After the installation, you will have to restart the network manager. You can do so by running the command  sudo invoke-rc.d network-manager restart 


Configuring VPN

Now you can add and configure VPN.

You need the following data:

Connect to / Service : vpnc


Group Name: ETHZ-spezial

Also enable the Override user name checkbox and put your N.ETHZ user name in there.

After entering all the needed informations, you can apply the settings.

Graphical Dialogs in KDE

In the graphical dialogs look like follows.


After saving the settings by clicking on OK, the configured VPN will show in the Network Management Settings:


KDE Wallet

By default, KDE Wallet usually kicks in if a password needs to be entered, offering you to save it. You can do so by setings a master password for KDE Wallet. If you do not wish to use KDE Wallet at this point, just click on "Cancel"

Connecting via VPN

After you have configured a VPN connection, you can activate it in Network-Manager. Click on the Network Manager icon in the taskbar and click on your VPN connection:


If you have not enteted and saved your n.ethz password and the group password, you will be asked for it. KDE Wallet might kick in as well which can be cancelled.

Password: Your N.ETHZ password

Group Password: see vpn-secret-de.pdf (login with your n.ethz login first)


If you entered the passwords correclty, the VPN service is started. Unfortunately, in KDE 4 there seems to be no indicator in the taskbar (or I couldn't find it...) but if you click on the Network Manager icon again, the VPN connection will be listed under interfaces:


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