Set Up a VPN Connection to the ETH using Network-Manager in Gnome

This illustrated guide explain how to connect to configure and start a VPN tunnel to the VPN-gateway of ETHZ using Network-Manager in gnome.

Enter Configuration Menu

To set up a new VPN connection in gnome click on the Network-Manager applet, and select VPN Connections -> Configure VPN.


A new dialog window opens. Select Add to add a new VPN connection.

Note: If the "Add" button is greyed out or if you can only find the entry "Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)" after clicking on "Add", please install the package network-manager-vpnc-gnome by issuing

sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-gnome

in the shell.


Configure VPN Service

Now you can configure the VPN Service. You need the following data:

Connect to / Service : vpnc

Connection name: ethz (feel free to choose something else if you want to)

Gateway: or

Group Name: ETHZ-spezial

User Name: your N.ETHZ user name

After entering all the needed informations, you can apply the settings.

Graphical Dialogs in Gnome

In the graphical dialogs it look like follows:




If the VPN connection "my_vpn_ethz" does not show up in the list after saving the vpn configuration (see screenshot below), please restart your computer.


Connect to VPN Service

After you have configured the VPN Service, you can activate it in Network-Manager.


Probably you will be asked to enter your password and and the group password.

Password: Your N.ETHZ password

Group Password: see vpn-secret-de.pdf (login with your n.ethz login first)


Now, the VPN service is started. This is indicated by the network manager icon:

09_vpn_success2.png .

Note: To simplify this configuration our isgee-vpnc-ethz packages provides a file ETHZ.pcf under /usr/share/isgee-vpnc-ethz/ETHZ.pcf which you can import in the above dialog box and then continue with the configuration.

Troubleshooting the VPN Connection

VPN connection failed. Connection was not provided by any settings service

Make sure the checkbox "Available for all users" is not checked. Restart the pc after unchecking that checkbox.

Below you can see a screenshot of a working vpn configuration on Ubuntu 11.04:


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