Homepage on http(s)://people.ee.ethz.ch

If you have an D-ITET account you can publish a personal home page on the people webserver. The people webserver runs with the Apache Web server, the most popular opensource webserver software. Apache offers you a variety of possibilities to implement your personal homepage. This page will tell you about these. Whenever a user name is required in the examples below, I'll be writing about joe. You will obviously have to replace joe by your login name.

If you need to login directly to the webserver (e.g. to kill a running fcgi script after a change), verify the SSH fingerprints:

256 MD5:77:48:d9:dc:dd:06:77:cf:5c:b7:dd:b9:63:30:ce:bf root@webbi12 (ED25519)
256 SHA256:ZWZxcmTtiLoDfDf8YP8vY5GbxDf9xaUOI2kEpoTrNQk root@webbi12 (ED25519)
4096 MD5:83:02:4b:cd:15:c5:13:04:af:b7:1e:80:ad:ad:f3:22 root@webbi12 (RSA)
4096 SHA256:t3m+K/gNACOJTDsV3M2/FWt7BXzc9uLxZh284AynZEw root@webbi12 (RSA)


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