D-ITET Chat server best practice

The following is a list of recommendations on how to use this service. It is growing as we collect more experience.

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General advice



Sharing a room

Per default URLs of a shared room are generated with the redirecting service matrix.to prepended:
https://matrix.to/#/<Internal room ID>:matrix.ee.ethz.ch?via=matrix.ee.ethz.ch

In order to keep the link of a shared room private, set "Room Settings" → "Security & Privacy" → "Who can access this room?" to "Anyone who knows the room's link, apart from guests". This allows to share the room with the URL:
https://element.ee.ethz.ch/_matrix/client/#/room/<Internal room ID>

The <Internal room ID> can be found in "Room Settings" → "Advanced".
To invite people to a personal room of you in the Matrix-GUI use the following user specification:
@<ETH acccount>:matrix.ee.ethz.ch


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