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We'll help you to help yourself. Much information about our computing environment can be found in this wiki.

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If you have a question that is not answered on the Computing website:


You can configure most printers at D-ITET yourself.


Vacation Message in Email


Before you leave the office, try sending yourself an email from an external email address to ensure the vacation message works.

If you are using the Email Services provided by ID (Exchange), you can set the out-of-office message directly in Outlook or in the Microsoft Outlook Web Access, accessible via

After logging in, click on "Options" on the left side to set the vacation message.


Software cannot be installed by yourself. Please visit for more information.


Personal Data

You should save your personal data (created files) to a folder on the H: drive which is secured by a nightly backup. We can also restore data from a previous day if you delete something accidentally. For a reqeust, send an email to

Your home drive contains profile data. /!\ Therefore, do not delete these folders "to make space" or "clean up a bit".

Local Temporary Data

On every Windows host, there is a folder called C:\Scratch (the equivalent folder on a Linux box would be /scratch). We recommend to use this folder for processing large amounts of computing data. This will also result in a performance boost because you will not read and write data via the network.

Please be aware that C:\Scratch is not secured by a backup. If the harddisc crashes, your data will be lost.


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