ISG.EE Windows 10 Managed Computers

If you are using a Windows 10 Computer which is managed by the ISG.EE, please following instruction:

  1. Go to the Windows Start Button in down left corner
  2. Under Search Programs and files enter \\pia01 or for the VAW Users(Hoenggerberg) use \\pia02

    • start.png

  3. A new Window opens. Select the printer you want to install and left click on choose Connect. Printer will be then installed.

    • We recommend you to add two Printers:
      1. Add the eth-card queue Printer. The eth-card queue allows you to send your Document to the Server and print the Document on every PIA / Nashuatec Printer by using your ETH Card to authenticate.
        • eth-card.PNG

      2. Install the PIA Printer which is near your office.
        • Install always the Printers with a left click on the Printer and choose Connect. Printer will be then installed.


    • IMPORTANT: In case a new Windows open to ask for you credentials. Two thinks are important:

      1. For Username use always d\username

      2. Make sure to tick the box to save your credentials
  4. Installed Printer can be found under Devices and Printers


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