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WiFi Guest access

Guests can connect to the internet for 24 hours through one of the Wifis:

To get internet access you have to connect to either public or public-5 with your device. A login window should pop up if not, try to open a browser and try to navigate to any page.

How To


Click on either public or public-5. Depending on your device and software a little window should pop up


Choose Guest Access Wi-Fi >


Enter your lastname, first name and your mobile phone number. Your number shouldn't contain any spaces.


You should soon (about 10 seconds) get a text message on your phone containing a six digit validation code. Enter your code in the field box.


Now you have to enter and retype a password. The password needs to fulfill the requirements. Please memorize your password.


A summary of your self-registration should now be shown. You should also get the username via text message.


Log in with with the username you got and the password you set earlier.


* If you forgot your password or if your login has expired then repeat the registration process.

* If any other problem occurs please contact the IT-Support Group via Mail (