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 * [[Web/Homepage/RubyOnRails|RubyOnRails]] - Speed increasing on your page

Homepage on http(s)://people.ee.ethz.ch

If you have an D-ITET account you can publish a personal home page on the people webserver. The people webserver runs with the Apache Web server, the most popular opensource webserver software. Apache offers you a variety of possibilities to implement your personal homepage. This page will tell you about these. Whenever a user name is required in the examples below, I'll be writing about joe. You will obviously have to replace joe by your login name.

  • Basics - Your page and writing HTML

  • CGI - Providing interactive or dynamic information on your homepage

  • MoinMoin - Runnig a wiki like this on your page

  • PHP - Creating dynamic web content

  • Security - Secure Webserver, password protection, access restriction

  • Upload - Providing upload

  • FurtherInfo - Reading on

If you need to login directly to the webserver (e.g. to kill a running fcgi script after a change), verify the SSH fingerprints:

256 MD5:19:a9:dd:5c:5a:ef:60:9b:06:8b:03:c6:70:9e:b0:3e root@webbi03 (ED25519)
256 SHA256:/7xJ1yfmyXZr91WPx1vz2foJRXUQINNmAldoFuvF14s root@webbi03 (ED25519)
4096 MD5:88:d5:10:de:5d:4c:2c:76:1c:7a:d7:90:33:51:cb:93 root@webbi03 (RSA)
4096 SHA256:fgVzH5QzWho8EnpbJ6LgQseUYNI51EOcEn4AaoYOQLo root@webbi03 (RSA)


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