Your personal homepage

You can access your personal EE homepage with a web browser by typing the address where username is the login of your D-ITET account.

In the home directory of your D-ITET account you can find a subdirectory called ~/public_html. Whatever you want to appear on your homepage must be saved in this directory. With the default address the file ~/public_html/index.html is shown by the webserver.

Create your Page

First you have to put your HTML page into the place where the Web server expects it and where it will be able to access it. Here is a little recipe:

1. If it does not yet exist, create a public_html directory in your home: mkdir ~/public_html

2. Make sure that the directory is accessible to the Web server: chmod a+x ~/. ~/public_html

3. Put your Web page into the public_html subdirectory, with index.html as its name.

4. The default page should be world readable: chmod a+r ~/public_html/index.html

This is it, now you can access your homepage via the URL


Web pages have to be written in "Hyper Text Markup Language" (HTML). That sounds worse than it is and the links below lead to some introductions to this topic. With the function "View->Page Source" or "View Frame Source" of your Browser you can take a look at the source of the web page you are just looking at.

But be warned: the HTML source of some pages is difficult to read, as it can be created automatically by scripts. The pages of this site for example.

W3Schools - a nice introduction to HTML and other languages

SelfHTML - a very complete HTML/CSS Guide and Reference (in German)

WWW Consortium, this is where the Web-standards are created and documented

W3 Validator - where you can validate your Sorce for correctness


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