Remote File System Access

Access Your Data

This document explains methods to access the data you are allowed to access with your account from home or some other remote computer by directly accessing the data on an exported share on a file server. File Transfer solutions are treated in

The filesystem of the remote host gets attached to the local host such that it appears as a normal filesystem and can be accessed directly from every application. Our linux file servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices export the shares with two different protocols:

NFS is the file sharing protocol of the Unix/Linux world, SMB/CIFS that of the windows world. The software suite samba is a software for Unix/Linux file servers to act as a windows files server.

Because NFS cann't be used from outside the managed linux client environment the following chapters two topics only deals with the SMB/CIFS access to data shares on file servers:

The access to your shares on a managed linux or windows client needs no manual operations (See


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