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 . {i} ''Replace '%USERNAME%' with your ETH user name.''  . {i} ''Replace %USERNAME% with your ETH user name.''

Duplicati (BETA)

duplicati logo Free backup software to store encrypted backups online for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Read more here:

Before you start with Duplicati

Write an email to support@ee.ethz.ch and request "archive service" for your account. If activated, you will find a link to "lagoon_archive" in your FindYourData network drive.

First run setup

  1. Download Duplicati 2.0 or newer (usually 64-bit Msi)

  2. Run the installer with default options
  3. Go through the first run setup when the Internet browser opens:

Multi-user environment: usually, yes.


Access to user interface:

  • [nothing activated]

Update channel:

  • [Default]

Usage statistics:

  • [None/disabled]

Setup a backup

  • +Add backup


  • "Configure a new backup"

General backup settings:

  • Name: enter a backup Name "EthUserProfile"

  • Encryption: if stored on ETH Zurich servers "No encryption"

Backup destination:

  • Storage Type: Local folder or drive
  • Folder path (replace %COMPUTERNAME% with the name of your computer): click on "Manually type path" and enter "\\lagoon.ee.ethz.ch\archive\%USERNAME%\backup\Duplicati\%COMPUTERNAME%".

  • {i} Replace %USERNAME% with your ETH user name.

  • {i} Replace %COMPUTERNAME% with the name of the computer where the data is stored on.

Source data:

  • select your data (files or folders). We highly recommend to activate the the Home directory for laptop users.


  • Acitvate "Automatically run backups"
  • Next time: Choose a good time slot. Make sure your computer is in running state and you are logged in with your nethz user account (locked screen works fine). For example lunch time could be a good time slot.


  • Remote volume size: Set the Remote volume size at 1000 MB or more.
  • Backup retention: Keep all backups

/!\ If you set an encryption password and you forget or loose it, please keep in mind that your data will become a chaos of digital ones and zeros with absolutely no logic behind (in short rubbish).
/!\ Never delete your backup configuration once you started with your backup. It could be very difficult to browse your archived files afterwards because you will delete the local database. ISG.EE recommends to export the current backup configuration before you delete a configured and running backup.

Advanced Options

We recommend to activate the logging option. Therefore, please search for the entry "log-file" choose it and then, set a valid path to your log file.

Type in the following path:

  • C:\users\%USRNAME%\appdata\local\Duplicati\Duplicati-log.txt
  • {i} Replace %USERNAME% with your ETH user name.


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