ISG.EE Windows 10 Selfmanaged Workstation or Laptop

If you are using your private Workstation or Laptop with Windows 7/8 or 10, please following instruction:

  1. Go to the Windows Start Button in down left corner
  2. Under Type here to search enter \\ or for the VAW Users(Hoenggerberg) use \\ Then Open the Networkshare Folder.

    • selfmangePrinting

  3. A new Window opens, however you will be first asked to enter you NETHZ Credentials! For Username always use this Syntax d\yourNETHZUsername, then your NETHZ Password. make sure to tick Remember your Credentials.

  4. Now you will see all available Printers.
    • We recommend you to add two Printers:
    • Add the eth-card queue Printer. The eth-card queue allows you to send your Document to the Server and print the Document on every PIA / Nashuatec Printer by using your ETH Card to authenticate.


    • Install the PIA Printer which is near your office.
    • Install always the Printers with a left click on the Printer and choose Connect. Printer will be then installed.

  5. Installed Printer can be found under Devices and Printers

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