Linux printing

General information

Available print servers

There are different print servers providing print queues for different geographical locations:

Stored credentials (see below) will contain the name of the print server.

Available printers


Storing credentials for authenticated printing

In order to track usage and manage costs every print job needs to be submitted with personal ETH network credentials. The following process describes storing your credentials for automatic submission with every print job.

  1. Open a console
  2. Enter system-config-printer to open "Print Settings"

  3. Double-click the printer card-ethz

  4. In the appearing window "Printer Properties" press the button Print Test Page

  5. Enter your username including the domain d\

  6. Tick the check box labelled Remember password to store your credentials

  7. Confirm the dialog by pressing the button OK
    In case of wrong credentials the dialog will simply reappear without warning about the fact

  8. Press Print Test Page again, now the dialog asking for credentials should not reappear

Verifying stored credentials

  1. Open a console
  2. Enter seahorse to open "Passwords and Keys"

  3. Verify any entry similar to the one below in your keyring named "Login"

Setting the default printer

  1. Open a console
  2. Enter system-config-printer to open "Print Settings"

  3. Find the desired printer by entering parts of its name into the Filter field

  4. Double-click the printer you want to set as the default printer

  5. Close the appearing "Printer Properties" window by pressing the button Cancel
    Now the "Set As Default" menu entry used below will be available

  6. Right-click the printer you want to set as the default printer
  7. Select the menu entry Set As Default

  8. Check Set as my personal printer and confirm by pressing Ok

  9. The default printer is now marked with a heart


I've printed something, but it didn't come out of the printer.

Check your local printer queue. Start system-config-printer in your console and right-click -> View Print Queue on the printer/queue you've selected previously. If your job's hanging here, try right-click -> Release. If the desired jobs isn't listed in the queue, check Papercut for errors regarding your print-job. If you can't find any problem, please contact ISG.EE Support <support AT ee DOT ethzDOT ch>.

After sending the print job, the printer flashes a red LED and says: Paper size and type mismatched

The Paper type "Recycled" isn't recognized correctly. Use the type "Plain/Recycled".

I've changed my NETHZ password. How can I change the password in the keyring?

After a change of your NETHZ password, you have to re-enter your password on your next print-out. The safest way to do so is to follow Storing credentials for authenticated printing again.

I've started `system-config-printer` but no printers are available.

This probably means the cups service has crashed and can't recover itself. Restart your computer or contact ISG.EE Support <support AT ee DOT ethzDOT ch>.

Printouts out of the firefox PDF preview look different from what I see on the screen

The firefox PDF preview is not compatible with our system. Please download the pdf and print it using a PDF viewer. (e.g evince)

The Application (e.g Firefox) crashes when I try to save the password in the keyring.

Please follow Storing credentials for authenticated printing .

After I filled in the authentication popup, there appears another popup that makes the whole display darker and asks about a password for the Gnome Keyring. My NETHZ password doesn’t work!

Open a console and type the command “seahorse”. A Gnome Keyring management tool appears. Delete the “Login “ keyring in the top left corner and log out of your current session. After another login, the authentication process should work.

Please download the file and open it with the native document viewer (evince).

A PDF printed from Google Chrome didn't come out of the printer.

Save the pdf, open it with the native document viewer and print it.

OFFENDING COMMAND: setpagedevice

This error often occurs when the document page size doesn't match the printer's paper size. Try to scale the document to a paper size available in the printer and try again.

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