Forward X11 applications to a macOS client

Some graphical applications running on a managed Linux clients work well when forwarded to a X11 server on a remote PC. The following example describes the use case to connect from a personal macOS PC to a remote managed Linux PC at ETH and use such an application on it.

Install an X11 server on macOS

Download and install XQuartz on your personal macOS PC

Connect to the ETH network

Make sure you're connected to the ETH network by either:

Configure the X11 server

Configure your ssh client

Add the following lines to the file ~/.ssh/config on your macOS PC:

Host <linux_pc>
    User <eth_username>
    Hostname <linux_pc>
    ForwardAgent yes
    ForwardX11 yes
    ForwardX11Trusted yes

Where linux_pc is either the PC you have been assigned for work or one of the student PCs tardis-[a|b|c|d][01-25] and eth_username is your ETH username.

Run a graphical application

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