Polybox access for external people

Writable Shared Polybox Folder

  1. Go to https://polybox.ethz.ch and logon

  2. Click at the "+" sign and add a new folder
  3. Name the new folder external
  4. Click at the Share sign of the new folder and fill out the parts on the right side of the window:
    • Share link
    • Password protect (exchange a good password before)
    • Allow editing
    • Set expiration date (if required)
    • Enter the external email address and click on Send.

Now an invitation will be sent by email to the external person containing the link to this shared folder "external".

The external person is now able to upload new files to that folder (by using the same Polybox web interface).

NETHZ Guest account

Another approach is to create a guest account in NETHZ. Please, don't hesitate to write us your request in an email to support@ee.ethz.ch

More information about Polybox


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