Create Microsoft Cloud Subscription for Office 365 or MS Teams

Order Cloud subscription

The required cloud subscription can be ordered via the IT shop

  1. Open and login with your ETH username and password in the upper right corner

  2. Click on Identity and Access –> Cloud Subscription –> Microsoft Cloud Access


  1. Accept the disclaimer, select your organisational unit and pick the subscription to be added to your account –> Submit Request.

  2. Wait for the confirmation email. Please allow up to 20 minutes depending on system load.

Complete Cloud subscription

Go to and click on the Sign-in button For the login you will be redirected to the AD User Authentication Service of ETH Zurich for login. Please login with and your ETH e-mail password (Active Directory password).

Installation of Office 365

Managed clients

Our managed Windows Clients are managed with Baramundi. You can sent us an email to and we will sent you an installation Job over Baramundi.

Self-managed Clients

After registration the required installation file for Office 365 can be downloaded and installed directly from Microsoft via

Further instructions

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