Gnome 3 Desktop Settings

The upgrade to Debian Wheezy also updated the Gnome Desktop. Until yet, some new features have been added, some other things will not work anymore. Here you will find some of the most requested features.

Change Window Manager Settings

We recommend to use the gnome-tweak-tool to edit settings like window theme, font, font size...
(!) Good readable settings:

Customize the Menu

alacarte is a menu editor for the GNOME desktop, written in python.

"Del"-Key does not work in Nautilus

Run dconf-editor, and open:
org -> gnome -> desktop -> interface
Enable "can-change-accels".

Open nautilus, select any file/directory, then click "Edit" from menubar, and hover on "Move to Trash" menuitem. While hovering, click on your delete key. The accel should change from "Ctrl+Del" to "Delete".

Make sure you have selected a file, else the "Move to Trash" menuitem will be greyed out.

I suggest you disable "can-change-accels" afterwards, to prevent accidental accel changes.

found at

Search in Nautilus is not working

Delete old tracker data

Now it should work correctly.

Strange behaviour in sort function of Nautilus

Could also be related to stored settings from previous Nautilus versions. First, close Nautilus and try to reset the following directories:

mv ~/.gconf/apps/nautilus /scratch/gconf.apps.nautilus.bak
mv ~/.nautilus /scratch/.nautilus.bak

Remove icons from panel

To remove icons from the panel press and hold Alt while right-clicking the icon.

Not working yet

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