How can I connect to X-servers via Putty SSH client?

Connection with VNC and SSH Port Forwarding through an SSH tunnel

Initial Steps

  1. Use Putty to login to your Linux box/server.
  2. Launch a vncserver

    vncserver -geometry 1920x1080    # The first time you will be asked to set a VNC password
  3. Remember your session number. In the example below it is number 1:

    New 'X' desktop is mylinuxbox:1
    Now you can exit your Putty SSH Terminal

Tunnel Setup

  1. Open the PuTTY configuration window again
  2. Go to SSH >> X11 in the left part of the window

  3. Check Enable X11 forwarding

  4. Go to SSH >> Tunnels and enter Source port: 5901. Furthermore add the following Destination:

  5. Go back to Session, enter a host name and a session name under "Saved Sessions" and click at "Save".

  6. Now start your VNC client and point to and enter your VNC password from above.

  7. Once your work is done and you would like to disconnect, enter the following command in a terminal on your Linux box/server

    vncserver -kill :1

(!) In case of other running VNC servers, your session number could be higher than :1. In this case, go again through all the steps from above with the current session ID and change all numbers written in bold.

For a more detailed HowTo, please have a look at VNCUsage
Alternatively, you can write us an email to requesting a X-Server for Windows (please mention your computer).


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