The Sieve language

Sieve mail filtering was introduced in the D-ITET mail system with the commissioning of the new mail system on linux servers in January 2017.

The Sieve mail filtering language (RFC 5228) is a special data-driven language that is optimized to allow efficient server-side filtering of mails. A sieve mail filtering script can be installed from the user and is executed on the mail server at delivery of the mail to the user mailbox. Sieve is a modern alternative to the cryptic language of procmail filter scripts.

The IETF Sieve working group has brought the following extensions to the base specification:


In modern mail systems the user has no longer file system access to any directory on the imap mail server. Therefore the user must be able to remotely manage his serverside sieve script. Managesieve is the solution to this task. It's a management protocol specification (RFC 5804) over which the sieve script can be manipulated remotely with a management service running on the imap server. All sieve plugins for webmailer/email programs and standalone client sieve editor programs are based on the Managesieve protocol.

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