Filtering forwarded emails to addresses

If you changed from a student to an institute staff member you still have the <username> alias on Exchange. If the institutes mailserver is managed by us, then you normally have an installed forward for your student address to the institute mail account.

The following example shows how you can put all emails sent to your @student mail address into a separate student folder, so that these mails do not fill up your normal institute inbox.

  1. Go to our Roundcube Webmail Client and login with your credentials

  2. If not already available, create a new folder named student. This folder will be used to put all @student mails into it. To create that folder click the gea icon on the lower, left edge of the roundcube window...

  3. ...and then press the plus icon and fill out the form as described below.

  4. Clickt on the left Settings-Panel the Filters Button.

  5. Press the Plus icon in the Filters Panel to add a new filter named student_mails. Then fill out as in the example but use your own mail address instead ;-) Save the message and your filter is ready to be used.

  6. Send an email to your @student mail address and after a while, the mail should arrive in your account, but instead of putting it into your inbox, you can find it inside the student folder.

  7. Here the proof, that the mail was sent to the @student mailaddress.


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