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  Auth''''''UserFile /home/<your_username>/.htpasswd<<BR>>
  AuthType Basic<<BR>>
  AuthName "Password Required"<<BR>>
  Auth''''''User''''''File /home/<your_username>/.htpasswd<<BR>>
  Auth''''''Type Basic<<BR>>
  Auth''''''Name "Password Required"<<BR>>
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Providing a public http upload script on your website with perl

  • download this script as index.cgi

  • copy it to ~/public_html/get/index.cgi

  • run chmod a+rx ~/public_html/get/

  • run chmod a+rx ~/public_html/get/index.cgi

  • create a directory mkdir ~/public_upload/ writable only for you chmod go-rwx ~/public_upload. The script will run with the rights of your account (through apache's suexec mechanism).

  • you can restrict the access to the script with a .htaccess file in ~/public_html/get/. Find more about this here or read on below.

  • the files will now be uploaded to ~/public_upload/

  • now you can access the script via http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~[USERNAME]/get

Protect The Upload Script With A Password

* Create a file .htaccess and put it into ~/public_html/get/ * File content should be the following:

  • AuthUserFile /home/<your_username>/.htpasswd
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Password Required"
    Require valid-user

    Replace <your_username> with your actual Tardis-login name.

* Run chmod 755 ~/public_html/get/.htaccess * Create a file .htpasswd in your homedirectory. If you choose a different (sub-)folder, please change the path in the .htaccess file. * Run chmod 755 ~/.htpasswd. If the .htpasswd file is in a different folder, change the chmod command accordingly. * File content should be the following:

  • {{{ <username>:<encrypted_password> }}}

* On this website, you can create encrpyted passwords: http://www.4webhelp.net/us/password.php. Copy and paste the result into the .htpasswd file.

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