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Network Scratch


The Network Scratch (a storage space) may be used to temporarily store generated data or any form of reproducible data for which a potential loss is manageable. It is not thought neither as a safe, nor as a backuped, nor as a long-term-storage filespace. This service is only available on Linux systems (via NFS). Windows users may access it indirectly when logged in on a D-ITET Linux system via a terminal application.

Terms of Use

  • Only temporary storage is allowed, no permanent storage over a longer time period.

  • No sharing: Network Scratch cannot be used to share data among multiple users.

  • Please note that the scratch space is NOT backed up. First this means, if you delete a file by accident, ISG.EE cannot recover it.

  • Even though the scratch space is stored redundantly on a mirrored RAID system, and we try to offer best efforts to maintain proper operation, ISG.EE cannot be hold liable for any data losses on the system mentioned above. This includes, without claim of completeness, data loss due to technical reasons, accidental removal and the intentional automatic cleanup (removal) of data that has been unused for a longer period of time.

  • As there are no limitations set on the Network Scratch, a single user may actually allocate all of the available filespace. Please make sure you keep a reasonable amount of free space for other users and remove data you no longer need. ISG.EE reserves the right to remind users causing exhaustive filespace usage of their duty to keep some free space for other users.

  • When your user account is removed, the Network Scratch directory will be removed as well, but the latter will not be archived.

Accessing the Network Scratch

  • Each user possessing a regular D-ITET user account (except for project accounts) is automatically granted access to the Network Scratch.
  • To access your Network Scratch directory, simply change to the directory /itet-stor/USERNAME/net_scratch


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