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Google Calendar

This page is here to explain how to use the Google Calendar. Additionally there are some documentations to illustrate how to use Google Calender in combination with Outlook or Thunderbird.

General Information

Here you can learn the basics of Google Calendar.

Create a new Calendar

To create a new Calender you have to log into your domain. These are the links for your domain:

There is an excellent online help within Google Calendar - perfect to get you started. The best way to learn how to handle it, is just by jumping in feet first.



There are some important things to take into account in connection with security:

It is really important, that you know with whom you want to share your calendar.

It is important, that you protect your personal calendar ID from unauthorized people. For the simple reason, that if they know the calendar ID, they can destroy the calendar file, even if it's only shared with individuals on your domain. There is no need for it to be public, for this to happen.

You can see your calendar ID in the calendar settings:

Use with Thunderbird

To use Google in combination with Thunderbird, you have to visit this page: Thunderbird.

Use with Outlook

To use Google in combination with Outlook, you have to visit this Page: Outlook.

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