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Google Calendar

This page is here for explain how to use the Google Calendar. Additionally there are some dokumentations for using Google Calender in combination with Outlook or Thunderbird.

General Informations

Here you can learn the basics of Google Calendar.

Create a new Calendar

To create a new Calender you have to Log in to your Domain. Here the are the Links for your Domain:

There is a good Help for getting started with GoogleCalendar. It isn't realy hard to handle, you can also learn it by doing.


There are some important Things in connection with security:

It is really important, that you know with who you want to share your Calendar.

You have also to protect your Calendar ID from unauthorized poeple. Only if they know the Calendar ID, they can destroy the file, even it's only shared with single persons or your domain.

Your Calendar ID you can see here:

Usage with Thunderbird

To use Google in combination with Thunderbird, you have to visit that Page: Thunderbird.

Usage with Outlook

To use Google in combination with Outlook, you have to visit that Page: Outlook.

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