Duplicati 2.0 (beta)

Duplicati is a free backup software to store encrypted backups online. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Setup is identical on all operating systems.
Duplicati is a frontend to duplicity, for Linux the alternative DejaDup exists.


Duplicati is the backup software of choice for personal backups on self-managed devices. Home and project directories are automatically backupped.

Backup location


Download the installer for your operating system from duplicati.com/download. Installers' names are similar to the following:

First run setup

  1. Run the installer with default options
  2. Go through the first run setup when the internet browser opens and select yes for Multi-user environment


  1. Access to user interface: Activate nothing

  2. Update channel: Select Default

  3. Usage statistics: Select None/disabled

Add backup

Add a new backup

  1. Select Configure a new backup

General backup settings

  1. Name: Enter a name describing your backup, i.e. EthUserProfile

  2. Encryption: If the backup is stored on ETH servers, select No encryption

Backup destination

  1. Storage Type: Select Local folder or drive

  2. Folder path: Enter \\lagoon.ee.ethz.ch\archive\%USERNAME%\backup\Duplicati\%COMPUTERNAME%

  3. Replace %USERNAME% with your ETH user name

  4. Replace %COMPUTERNAME% with the name of the computer you're using

Source data


  1. Check Automatically run backups

  2. Next time: Select a time you're computer is running, you're logged in and preferrably not working, like lunchtime.

General options

Advanced options

We recommend to activate the logging option.

  1. Open Add advanced option

  2. Under Core options select the entry log-file

  3. In the new field log-file enter :\users\%USRNAME%\appdata\local\Duplicati\Duplicati-log.txt

  4. Replace %USERNAME% with your ETH user name

Restore from a backup

Important notes

/!\ If you decided to select an encryption method and set a password, keep in mind your backups will be irretrievable if you loose this password!

/!\ Never delete your backup configuration after the first backup started running. Deletinc a configuration deletes the database keeping track of files in backup archives makes restoring files very difficult. If you want to delete a backup configuration which contains backups, export it first!


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