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Archiving personal data on "lagoon" server

Overview and terms of use

The archive system is thought to be used for long-term storage of private data (e.g. home data). The archive system file space is not a working place, e.g. like a standard user home, where you operate on the files, create, read, write and delete them frequently. Instead the archive space should be used as a "quiet" location where you keep backup copies or data which is likely not to be used for a longer period of time. A typical use of the archive system might be storing larger output data of scientific applications which is no longer frequently used or modified after a certain deadline/ project end (but maybe the data is reused years later). If you need to work again on previously archived data, copy or move it back to your home (or whatever target it is). You must not use the archive system in any way that generates an avoidable, constant and high I/O load on the archive server over a longer period of time. Thus, besides moving/ copying data from or to the personal archive, you should not, for instance, configure applications to use your archive directory as data read source or write target, except for backup purposes. The data stored in your personal archive folder is truly private and cannot be shared with other users. Finally, note that the data in the archive folder will not be backed up itself, i.e. the data is well protected using redundancy against loss resulting from hardware failure, but if you accidentally delete a file yourself in the archive, it cannot be restored.


Obtaining access to the archive

The archive is not automatically accessible for every user. Instead, access must be requested from ISG.EE (write an e-mail to Only D-ITET users (staff, project account owners) are allowed to obtain archive space (excluding students and short-term guests). The first 5 GB per user are free of charge.

How to access the archive

Once access has been granted by ISG.EE, you may access the archive in the ways shown below:

Notes, read carefully

Please follow these rules when storing data in the lagoon archive:

Usage examples


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