Data archiving on jabba


All data you put on our data archiving system will we stored on tape drives. Like this the archive system can hold a large amount of data. The downside is that read and write operations are slow since the tape roboter has to physically grab the right tapes to handle your data. Thus, you should not use jabba for data you use daily. But if you have a huge amount of simulation data that you might need in some weeks, jabba would be a good place to take care of them.


Access rights

We will have to give the proper rights to your account before you will be able to use jabba. Please write an email to if you need access to our data archiving system (include your Linux workstation's name for NFS access as well). Permission will be granted to D-ITET staff members only, no access for students.

How to access jabba

As soon as access is granted, you have the following options to get/put data from/to the archiving system:

Important notes

Please follow these rules when storing data on jabba:

Differences between storage areas

In both cases the cached files on harddisk will be deleted only if the threshold of free disk space on the partition is reached.

Usage examples

Advanced usage

The data transfer between harddisk and tape storage can be influenced with the commands below. You have to be logged in on jabba through SSH to use these commands. Please consult the man pages for further details.




An extended version of GNU ls for listing directory information


An extended version of GNU du


Set archive attributes and archive files


Release disk space and set release attributes


Set staging attributes and copy off-line files to harddisk


Set file checksum attributes


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