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ISG.EE provides a RDS environment that allows all D-ITET employees to access a session-based Windows server. This server hosts several Microsoft programs as well as some other software, most of it runs on Windows only. For your daily work, ISG.EE recommends to setup a RDP client (not web browser based).

RDS Connection

We offer several ways how to connect to the RDS servers:

Linux, MacOS X, Windows (Web Browser Based)

{i} Myrtille is an open source Git project, based on FreeRDP. You can change the name of the destination server. This allows you to use it as a web based RDP client to connect to any computer at D-ITET (theoretically).


FreeRDP Client for Linux

Example with FreeRDP (version 2.0.0 or newer):

Users with ISG.EE managed Linux workstations have the option to use the SEPP package xfreerdp-2.0.0.

Advanced commands


Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from apple app store

Example with Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Client for Mac:

Screenshots of the login procedure

MS Windows

Microsoft Default RDP Client

Example with Default mstsc.exe RDP Client:

Advanced Setup

Known Issues

MS Server 2016 in general

MS Webclient

Myrtille Webclient



If you would like to use a software that is currently not installed on our RDS, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We will check your request and if it could be of use for other RDS users as well, then the chances are good that it will be available soon.


The following errors could indicate that your user is not member of the Active Directory group "itet-all-users":

In this case, please write us an email to and