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 * Your user name has to be a member of the AD group itet-all-users (check out the troubleshoot section below)  * '''Your user name has to be a member of the AD group itet-all-users''' (check out the troubleshoot section below)


ISG.EE provides a RDS environment that allows all D-ITET employees to access a session-based Windows server. This server hosts several Microsoft programs as well as some other software, most of it runs on Windows only. For your daily work, ISG.EE recommends to setup a RDP client (not web browser based).

RDS Connection

  • Your user name has to be a member of the AD group itet-all-users (check out the troubleshoot section below)

  • Please use VPN in order to connect successfully from external networks.

We offer several ways how to connect to the RDS servers:

Linux, MacOS X, Windows (Web Browser Based)

{i} Myrtille is an open source Git project, based on FreeRDP. You can change the name of the destination server. This allows you to use it as a web based RDP client to connect to any computer at D-ITET (theoretically).


FreeRDP Client for Linux

Example with FreeRDP (version 2.0.0 or newer):

  • Connect to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDWeb

  • Login with your nethz credentials: "d\USERNAME"
  • Download the rdp file to a location you remeber and name it SERVERNAME.rdp (for example vela.rdp)
  • xfreerdp SERVERNAME.rdp /gu:USERNAME /gd:d /u:USERNAME /d:d

Users with ISG.EE managed Linux workstations have the option to use the SEPP package xfreerdp-2.0.0.

Advanced commands


Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from apple app store

Example with Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Client for Mac:

  • Install "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" from apple app store
  • Setup the gateway worli.ee.ethz.ch
  • Configre both users, the gateway and the RDP user with "d\USERNAME"
  • Launch your connection

Screenshots of the login procedure

MS Windows

Microsoft Default RDP Client

Example with Default mstsc.exe RDP Client:

  • Go to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDWeb and login

  • Download the *.rdp file for the connection you would like to use.
  • Enter "d\USERNAME" and password and wait for the user profile to load.

Advanced Setup

Known Issues

MS Webclient

  • Bad Scroll behavior with Firefox and Chrome
  • Colors can appear slightly too bright
  • Sometimes black page when resizing browser window (reconnect necessary)
  • Annoying copy paste warning "Confirm the copy to your local clipboard"

Myrtille Webclient

  • No audio support
  • Not as fast as MS Webclient when working with 3D apps or video streams
  • Scaling not possible after login. Only zooming function (not really an issue).
  • Slightly different colors
  • Can be CPU hungry if screen changes a lot


  • Sometimes buggy, when working with 2 physical monitors (some lines can flicker)
  • Steals focus of gnome-screensaver when active so entering a password is impossible

Trouble Shooting

The following errors could indicate that your user is not member of the Active Directory group "itet-all-users":

  • Empty Remote Desktop Page

  • Connection was denied

  • [08:37:46:806] [2785:2786] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.transport] - BIO_read returned a system error 104: Connection reset by peer
    [08:37:46:806] [2785:2786] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core] - freerdp_set_last_error ERRCONNECT_CONNECT_TRANSPORT_FAILED [0x0002000D]
    [08:37:46:806] [2785:2786] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core] - freerdp_post_connect failed

In this case, please write us an email to support@ee.ethz.ch and

  • mention your user name
  • mention your institute or supervisor
  • Request that we add your user to the AD group "itet-all-users"


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