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  . https://worli.ee.ethz.ch (supports audio forwarding)   . https://worli.ee.ethz.ch (welcome page with all mentioned options below)
  . https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDweb/webclient (
supports audio forwarding)
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 * Connect to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/rdweb  * Connect to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDWeb


ISG.EE provides a RDS environment that allows all D-ITET employees to access a session-based Windows server. This server hosts several Microsoft programs as well as some other software, most of it runs on Windows only.

RDS Connection

We offer several ways how to connect to the RDS servers:

Linux, MacOS X, Windows



FreeRDP Client for Linux

Example with FreeRDP (version 2.0.0 or newer):

  • Connect to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDWeb

  • Login with your nethz credentials: "d\USERNAME"
  • Downlaod the rdp file to a location you remeber and name it SERVERNAME.rdp (for example vela.rdp)
  • Use the SERVERNAME.rdp file in the command below:
  • xfreerdp SERVERNAME.rdp /gu:USERNAME /gd:d /u:USERNAME /d:d

Users with ISG.EE managed Linux workstations have the option to use the SEPP package xfreerdp-2.0.0.


Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from apple app store

Example with Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Client for Mac:

  • Install "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" from apple app store
  • Setup the gateway worli.ee.ethz.ch
  • Configre both users, the gateway and the RDP user with "d\USERNAME"
  • Launch your connection

Screenshots of the login procedure

MS Windows

Microsoft Default RDP Client

Example with Default mstsc.exe RDP Client:

  • Go to https://worli.ee.ethz.ch/RDWeb and login

  • Download the *.rdp file for the connection you would like to use.
  • Enter "d\USERNAME" and password and wait for the user profile to load.


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