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My D-ITET Account runs out of quota, but I have no data stored at all. What is the space eater?


You have probably activated the synchronisation in Thunderbird. This Feature creates a local copy of every mail in your imap account. This feature can be used, when working with a self managed laptop which is not always online. In this offline mode you will access the emails through this offline stored data.

In most cases you do not need this files, so you should delete them and free up your disk space.

Thunderbird Settings

/!\ The following steps have to be done for every Mail account configured in Thunderbird.

Continue with the description for your operating system to finalize the configuration.

Removing sychronized mails in Windows

First remove your local 'ImapMail' folder:

After that remove the 'ImapMail' folder in your windows profile.

Now restart thunderbird (the 'ImapMail' folder will be created again, but with less data in it)

Removing sychronized mails in Linux

  1. Start Thunderbird once to make sure the settings take effect. Then close Thunderbird afterwards.
  2. In case something goes wrong we do not delete the synchronisation files but move them to /scratch.

    • Open a Terminal
    • Change to the Synchronisation directory.
      cd ~/.thunderbird/<RANDOM NAME>.default/ImapMail
    • Now move any directory and its corresponding *.msf file to /scratch.

      # example to move all D-ITET and NETHZ Accounts
      mv imap* mail* /scratch

Now start thunderbird again. If in any case you miss some data (which should not happen!) just close Thunderbird, move all files from scratch back to its origin and restart thunderbird.