Whenever i try to delete an email, the line only gets crossed out.


Using IMAP, mails you delete are only "marked as deleted" and hence still use disk-space. Some Email clients just hide these marked emails, others show them in light gray or crossed out and others move them only to the Trash. In any case you still need some more steps to finally purge these emails. See below to see which steps are necessary for your email client:

Press "X"

After having moved your mails from the inbox to the other folder, use Mailbox->Erase Deleted Item from the menu or press Command-Shift-Backspace.


Select the mailbox and choose Compact Mailboxes from the File menu

Outlook & Entourage

Select the mailbox and choose Purge deleted messages from the Edit menu

Select the emails which are in a light grey color and click the Move message to trash button delete webmail.png. After that switch to the Trash Folder, mark all messages you want to finally delete (you can press the control key to select multiple emails or press the alt key to select a range of emails) and press the very same button again. Notice that the description now states "Delete messages".


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