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EE WebMailer

If you want to access your eMail from a place where you do not have access to your mailprogram, you might want to use the EE Web-Mailer. It works somewhat like HotMail, just a bit different ... but read on

The EE Web-Mailer provides you with the probably simplest means of accesing your eMail. All you need is a javascript-enabled and SSL-encryption capable Web browser (Netscape and Explorer come to mind). With that you can access your eMail at the Web address You must specify your EE Unix username and password.

If you use the SSL-encrypted access to the EE Web-Mailer both your username and password as well as your actual eMails are transmitted over the Internet in encrypted form. They are thus safe from unauthorized listeners.

Of course you can use the EE Web-Mailer to access your NETHZ eMail as well. Just select the appropriate server and specify your NETHZ username and password.