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Vacation emails

The recommended way to enable or disable vacation messages during your absences is through the Roundcube webmailer. Here is how it works:

  1. Login on

  2. Klick on the "Settings" button. If you are using the default theme in Roundcube, the button can be found in the top right corner.
  3. In the "Settings" column on the left choose "Vacation."
  4. Fill out the "Reply message" form. Here is an example:




    Subject of automatic reply message


    Body of automatic reply message

    Vacation start

    Day and time when automatic vacation messages should start. If you leave the time empty, it will be set to the start of the day.

    Vacation end

    Date and time when automatic vacation messages should stop. If you leave the time empty, it will be set to the end of the day.


    Whether this vacation recipe should be enabled or not. Please note that an enabled vacation message only runs within the time slot defined through "Vacation start" and "Vacation end."

  5. Further parameters can be set on the "Advanced Settings" tab:



    Reply sender address

    Vacation messages will contain this address in the emails "From" field.

    My email addresses

    An absence message will only be sent for emails directed to (To/Cc) one of these email addresses. This makes sure that no absence messages will be sent to e.g. mailing lists.

    Reply interval

    A person sending you several emails during your absence will only get one absence message within these number of days. If you do not enter a value, it will be 7 days by default. The minimum value is 1 day.

    Incoming message action

    Defines what should be done with incoming emails during your absense. Keep, Discard, Redirect to, Send copy to