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Vacation emails

Email filters and vacation settings are stored directly on the mailserver. You have several options to edit these filters. The most comfortable one is to use our webmailer for this task. You can of course continue to use your favorite email client for reading and sending emails and use the webmailer just for the purpose of email filter management.

Enable vacation emails

In order to enable vacation emails, please do the following:

  1. Login on https://email.ee.ethz.ch/

  2. Click on the Settings button.

  3. In the Settings column choose Vacation.

  4. Start by selecting the Advanced Settings tab and fill out that form. /!\ The most important part is My email addresses!

    • roundcube-vacation-advanced-settings.png


    Reply sender address

    Vacation messages will contain this address in the emails From field.

    My email addresses

    An absence message will only be sent for emails directed to (To/Cc/Bcc) one of these email addresses. This makes sure that no absence messages will be sent for emails you receive through email distribution lists or similar ways. The button Fill with all my addresses fills the list with all identities you defined in roundcube.

    Reply interval

    A person sending you several emails during your absence will only get one absence message within these number of days. If you do not enter a value, it will be 7 days by default (which is a good default value!). The minimum value is 1 day.

    Incoming message action

    Defines what should be done with incoming emails during your absense. You have the following options:
    Keep: Treat incoming emails as usual.
    Discard: Incoming messages are deleted.
    Redirect to: Redirect message to some other address.
    Send copy to: Keep message and send a copy to some other address.

  5. Continue be selecting the Reply message tab and filling out that form:

    • roundcube-vacation-reply-message.png



    Subject of automatic reply message


    Body of automatic reply message

    Vacation start

    Date and time when automatic vacation messages should start. If you leave the time empty, it will be set to the start of the day.

    Vacation end

    Date and time when automatic vacation messages should stop. If you leave the time empty, it will be set to the end of the day.


    Whether this vacation recipe should be enabled or not. Please note that an enabled vacation message only runs within the time slot defined through Vacation start and Vacation end.


    Without setting additional email addresses the vacation message is only generated for the address <account>@ee.ethz.ch ! If you have an address of form <account/alias>@<institute>.ee.ethz.ch or <alias>@ee.ethz.ch you must enter these addresses on the Advanced Settings tab !

Disable vacation emails

You can disable vacation emails by settings its Status (see the screenshot above) to Off.

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