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If you would like to setup a new mailing-list, then you should write to support@ee.ethz.ch and tell us the following:

 * Name of the mailing-list (one word).
 * Description of the mailing-list (one phrase).
 * Name and email of the mailing-list administrator.
 * Are web archives wanted?
 * Is the list private?
To request a new list follow the instructions given in the [[Email/Mailinglists/Sympa/Admins|Sympa Admin Guide]].


Mailing-Lists are managed email discussion groups which can have the following features:

User subscription / unsubscription
Users can themselves subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing-list.
Web archive

Mailing-lists can have an archive of past messages on the web.

Closed groups
Mailing lists can be setup to only allow a restricted set of users on the list (for non-public discussions).
Closed submission
Mailing lists usually only allow subscribed users to post to the mailing-list, thus reducing the amount of SPAM.
Mailing-lists can be configured so that every message must be first approved by an administrator of the mailing-list. This is for example useful for announcement lists.
Web administration

The mailing lists can be administered by the mailing-list administrator (which can be different for every list) on the web. Use the Mailing List Interface

Existing Lists

We host about 30 lists (some hidden to public) on our server. You can find most of them on the Mailing-Lists page, including the archives and subscription links.

Requesting a New List

To request a new list follow the instructions given in the Sympa Admin Guide.


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