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Thunderbird IMAP Offline

You can use the thunderbird mail client in offline mode with an IMAP email account such as your ITET account.

  1. In thunderbird, go to File > Offline > Offline Settings. Check the the first box in the Offline area which will make message in your inbox available in offline mode. You may also check the second box if you so desire. In the Disk Space area you can specify more options.

  2. Furthermore, click on Select folders for offline use..., which allows you to choose which folders of your account will be made available when working offline.

  3. Click OK and go to File > Offline > Work Offline. You will be asked whether you want to download your messages for offline use. Click Yes. Depending on the amount of data and your internet connection speed this may take a long time. The status of the synchronization is displayed at the bottom of the thunderbird main window.

  4. You may now disconnect your computer from the internet and write/delete/move messages as you like. Note that when composing a new message there is no longer a Send button. However, there is a Send Later button instead.

  5. Once you have finished working offline. Go to File > Offline > Work Offline. If you composed messages while offline, you will be prompted to confirm the sending of those messages.

  6. Apart from sending new messages, all other changes you made while offline will be synchronized now, lest the IMAP server is up to date. The status of the synchronization is displayed at the bottom of the thunderbird main window.

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